Graphic Specs

Graphic Spec Necessities for creating the best, high-resolution images for your Trade Show Exhibit and promotional materials:

EPS (encapsulated post-script) is your best bet for any ‘vector art’, meaning that you can blow it up to any size and maintain perfect clarity; perfect for logos and text.

Mural art is best created with large file-sized ‘Raster’ art files, such as JPEG, TIFF,  and the new JPEG 2000 format.

Please contact your art department or the publishing company that you used to create your brochures and / or product packaging for these images and please include PMS colors ( and / or CMYK values).

Our art department will then be able to create the images for printing on substrates for posters, transparencies for back-lit light boxes, and, most commonly, dye-sublimated tension-fabric.

Our art department has also been getting into using ‘Meta-files’ such as ‘WFM, and EMF’ formats, which are a combination of vector and raster image documents.

These Metafile images are usually then saved on Windows systems as PDF files, which do create very large file sizes necessary to create art that can be blown up and printed on very large surface areas.

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